News from Wandaland

Kodell Parker


Author Kodell Parker enjoys sending interesting, pensive e-mails to family and friends everywhere.  Now, he reaches a wider readership as he shares News from Wandaland through print media.

Parker lives on a small cattle farm in north east Texas where cattle graze and coyotes sing at night. He often wrote about some amusing experience or happening. This became an interest after having retired from a major Oil Company in Alaska in the late 70s, and settling down in Texas. Since there are days for no hay pitching, stalls to clean, or fences to fix, there was time for other satisfying and pleasurable activities to engage in.

In the bunk house in the drawer of an old file cabinet which has seen its better days is a folder containing copies of many e-mails he has sent to a mail list over the past few years. He never kept any of the replies sent to him for reasons which have escaped his mind.  His e-mails are styled as “News from Wandaland where the cows are always hungry and never give up their milk.”

More than once, a person or two would say you should write a book about that. And that has come true with the release of this collection.  It features a few of his News from Wandaland just to show that he is not “loco,” strange, or a complete idiot as some people have commented.

The short stories here are reflections of rural life of the Parker family of fifteen siblings living in East Texas. The author penned the stories when he worked for a major oil company at Dead Horse, Alaska, in the 1970s when there was total dark days and “cabin fever” would set it.

May you find this short story anthology a pleasurably entertaining read.